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▪ Simien Mountain National Park
▪ Hike Ras Deshen at 15,154 feet
▪ Rich culture & dramatic landscapes
▪ Sightseeing in Addis Ababa and Gondar
▪ New itinerary for 2017

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ethiopia simien mountains trek Ethiopia is a very different African destination. Known as “The Roof of Africa,” this is a land of surprises, with a wealth of superb trekking and a rich cultural heritage. Ethiopia includes some of the finest mountain scenery in Africa, most notably in the Simien Mountains which have been designated a World Heritage Site. This highland area in the northern part of Ethiopia includes many summits over 4000 meters, the highest being Ras Deshen, at 15154 feet/4620 meters, the fourth highest mountain in Africa. Geographically, the mountains comprise several major plateau, which are underlain by basalt lavas thousands of meters thick. It is the erosion of these lavas that have created the dramatic escarpments and freestanding pinnacles which are characteristic of the range and which are comparable in terms of spectacle to the Grand Canyon.

We access this northern region by way of a short internal flight from Addis Ababa to the ancient capital of Gondar . A wonderful and historically important city, Gondar is home to an unusual collection of 17th century castles and churches. Our exciting trek into the Simien Mountains follows the ridges and escarpments of this national park, traversing a land of natural wonders and of rare wildlife, including the Walia ibex, Simien red fox, the strikingly-maned Gelada baboon and the majestic lammergeier or bearded vulture. Starting out on the crest of the most impressive plateau, we climb into an area of unusual Afro-Alpine moorland with its bizarre assortment of high altitude vegetation, including giant lobelias.

We visit several villages en route and have the chance to meet their friendly inhabitants. Gaining height and acclimatization gradually to our camp at the village of Ambiquo, the climax of the trip is the tough hike and easy scramble to the summit of Ras Deshen, from the summit of which we should enjoy views northwards to Eritrea . Rather than returning to Gondar via the route that we have already traveled, we have chosen to extend our trek into the lesser-visited lowland area to the north. This gives us the chance to see a number of different villages and also provides us with views of the Simien Mountains from a very different perspective. Providing a variety of completely new experiences, Ethiopia is an adventure travel destination for the hiking connoisseur.

March 3 to March 17, 2017

The Simien Mountains Trek, (Camping Trip) in Ethiopia is part of our Worldwide Adventure Tours Series. In addition to our group departure date we are also able to arrange this trek beginning on any date during the months of February, March and November for a group of 2 to 10 people. Please contact us with any questions or to receive a detailed day to day Trip Itinerary.

2 to 3 People: $4520.00
4 to 10 People: $4275.00
Single room & tent supplement: $565.00 per person

15 days, 5 nights hotels, 9 nights of tented camping, 10 days of hiking.
Most meals on trip are included.
Trek Grade: Moderate to Demanding.
Maximum altitude: 15,154 feet on Ras Deshen.

Day 1. Arrive Addis Ababa
Day 2. Fly north to Gondar
Day 3. Drive via Debark to Senkaber
Day 4. Trek to Geech
Day 5. Day-hike to the viewpoint at Imetgogo
Day 6. Along the escarpment to Chenek
Day 7. To Ambiquo at the foot of Ras Deshen
Day 8. Climb Ras Deshen
Day 9. Trek to Arkwaziye
Day 10. Trek, largely downhill, to Makarabia
Day 11. Trek to Mulit
Day 12. Trek to Adi Arkai, drive to Gondar
Day 13. Fly to Addis Ababa
Day 14. In Addis Ababa
Day 15. Depart Addis Ababa