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Managing Director, Adventure Travel Consultant and Trekking Tour Leader

In 1988, Andy set out with friend and soon to be business partner Mark Van Alstine on his first exploratory trips into the Karakoram Range of Northern Pakistan. For the next 29 years, Andy has been creating, organizing and guiding trekking journeys throughout the Himalayas. Andy lives near Aspen, Colorado where he operates One World Trekking.

Nepal: Thorong La Pass Trek

On the Thorong La Pass at 17,765 feet in Nepal.Hi Andy, I have been very fortunate, in my life, to be able to travel all over the world and every continent - I must say our Nepal trip ranks right up there with the top five. Just wanted to say thanks for that

Chaz, Thorong La Pass Trek

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Everest Base Camp Lodge Trek: A Family Affair

Susan and Eric at Everest Base Camp in Nepal.Hi, Andy! I’ve been so busy since we got home from the trip, but just wanted to let you know everything went great and wanted to share some pictures with you. We both had the best time and everything was just wonderful!!

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Three Passes of Everest Lodge Trek 2018 Confirmed Date

Looking down on Gokyo Lake in Nepal.

The most challenging and dramatic way to get acquainted with the grandeur of the Everest region. September 22 to October 12, 2108 confirmed group date!

The Three Passes Lodge Trek connects all the four of the main valleys close to Everest. Leaving Namche Bazaar, the 17,530-foot Renjo La is the first of the high passes and offers jaw-dropping views down to Gokyo Lake with Mount Everest poking its head through the clouds in the distance.

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That Khumbu Magic

magical-khumbu-nepalIs the trail to Mount Everest crowded? Sometimes it just depends on how you look at it.

Is the trek to Everest Base Camp overly crowded, commercialized and lacking in charm?

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Celebrating 30 years of adventure travel in Nepal

Andy C. on his first trek in Nepal to Everest Base Camp in 1987.Andy,
Congrats on 30 years of adventure travel in Nepal.
You certainly do it well.
Hope you have had a great summer.

Judy D. in Vail, CO

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Cycling Across Tibet - A Look Back

A local bike shop in Lhasa, Tibet.The Ride of My Life: A look back at a 1997 bike ride across Tibet!

“He’s going to kill himself.” This was my thought as our Nepalese bike guide, Shyam Shah, carried his 40 pound mountain bike up the steep stairway leading to Swyambhunath (the Monkey Temple) in Kathmandu for the third time. The first two times? He crashed end over end halfway down the 365 concrete steps. Shyam was a fearless 19 year old and the current mountain bike champion of Nepal. He was known throughout Kathmandu for his ability to ride down anything and he was determined to prove it one more time. Once at the top of the stairway, he gave a thumbs-up and proceeded to race down, bike bouncing up and down seemingly uncontrollably with his hands nowhere near the brakes. A crowd had gathered at this point as Shyam landed safely at the bottom to where I was standing wearing a huge smile. “Ready for Tibet?”, I asked. “Yes Andy”, he replied.

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Tips for a first time trekker in Nepal

Tips for a first time trekker in NepalThinking of finally going on your first trekking trip? Here is some food for thought!

Being able to boast about completing a trek in the shadow of the world’s tallest mountains is enough motivation for any avid hiker. You don’t need to be an experienced hiker or seasoned world traveler. If you are in good shape, love to walk, have an open mind to different cultures and sense of adventure, you can make this dream a reality!

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Trekking in Nepal - Is it gluten-free friendly?

Gluten-free trekking in NepalA lodge trek in Nepal can cater to your gluten-free diet.

Recent research suggests that 10% to 15% of the population suffers from some form of intolerance to gluten and its many symptoms. Switching to a gluten-free diet can initially prove frustrating but, with some creativity and the increase of the number of gluten-free foods now available, you can enjoy a healthy and balanced diet.

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Annapurna Circuit Trek: Version 2.0

Hiking the Annapurna Circuit in Nepal.The 'New Annapurna Trekking Trail' (NATT) has given new life to one of the world's great mountain hikes

The Annapurna Circuit is one of the true classic, long distance walks in the Himalayas. Since it first opened to the outside world in the late 1970’s, thousands of trekkers and pilgrims have traveled the 136.5 miles of pure Nepalese beauty.

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The word "Trekking"

Trekking near Namche Bazaar village in Nepal.“Trekking” originates from the Afrikaans word “trek”, meaning "travel". The noun was assimilated into the English vocabulary in the middle of the nineteenth century and meant to represent a journey, made usually on foot, through a rural area. These journeys are known to be long trips in different regions of the world, using the trek as a way to reach one place or another.

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Dho Tarap Valley & Phoksondo Lake Trek in Nepal

Dave and Paul recently completed the Lower Dolpo Trek in Nepal. October 2017.The high passes of Lower Dolpo: Numa La (17,000ft/5,200m) & Baga La (16,600ft/5,070m).
Heading out of Dho Tarap Village you pass some outlying villages and a monastery on the way to Numa La Base Camp (14500ft/4,440m). As a sea level person, once you get over ~ 12K feet, you really start to feel the thin air even with good acclimatization.

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Markha Valley Trek in Ladakh, India 2017

Campsite on the Markha Valley Trek in India. October 2017.One World Trekking group in Ladakh, India

Our campsite at Yurtse in the morning. This view is towards the Ganda La pass with the cook and dining tents. Jim, Shari and Dan on the Markha Valley Trek in the Hemis National Park, Ladakh, India. October 2017.

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One World Trekking in Nepal

One World Trekking in Nepal. October 2017.One World Trekking duffel spotted boarding a flight in Nepal!

Thank you J.T. and Suzanne for the great promo shot!

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On the trail. Sublime.

One World Trekking groups meet in the Annapurnas. October 2017.One World Trekking groups meet on the Annapurna trails!

Phyllis and Adriane on the left meet up with John (center) and Suzanne (back right) at the Nice View Lodge in the Annapurna region. John and Suzanne are celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary on their trek to Annapurna Base Camp. Phyllis and Adriane are on the Ghorepani & Poon Hill trek. Their guides are looking good as well.

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Everest Base Camp 'Almost' Luxury Lodge Trek

Bill and Mari at Everest Base Camp in Nepal. October 2017.Happy trekkers at Everest Base Camp (Oct. 2017) while on the Everest Base Camp 'Almost' Luxury Lodge Trek

Hi Andy!
We are flying home from Istanbul today. More next week but I wanted to let you know we had an amazing time.
Cheers, Mari

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Bhutan: Chomolhari & Bonte La Pass Trek

Chomolhari Base Camp in Bhutan. October 2017.The Chomolhari & Bonte La Pass Trek. Another great time in Bhutan!
Hi Andy,
Thank you for your card, which we received yesterday. Our trip went flawlessly. Everything you had set up in the itinerary, from big to small, happened exactly as planned with zero hitches. Sonam Phuntso was an outstanding guide, who executed everything perfectly, went out of his way to ensure that no problems occurred and/or quickly found solutions and handily accommodated our desires - beyond the call of duty. The team assembled for the trek itself could not have done their jobs with any more skill and kindness.

Lonny & Julie
E. Falmouth, MA


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Dolpo to Mustang Traverse: And they're off!

Starting the trek into the Buddhist region of Lower Dolpo in Nepal. October 2017.Dolpo to Mustang Traverse in northwest Nepal. Picture #2 from trekkers Fabio and Zoe

Opened to trekkers for the first time in 2015, the Mukot Himal is situated in a remote region of Dolpo and located in one of the most spectacular and little visited parts of western Nepal.

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Dolpo to Mustang Traverse: October 2017

Flying from Kathmandu to Juphal Village in Nepal. October 2017.Dolpo to Mustang Traverse in northwest Nepal. Picture #1 from trekkers Fabio and Zoe

Most treks in Nepal begin with a spectacular flight into the mountains. In this case from Kathmandu to the Juphal Village airstrip in northwest Nepal.

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Off to the Annapurna Sanctuary and Base Camp

John and Suzanne in Kathmandu before hitting the trails to Annapurna Base Camp. October 2017.Happy trekkers on their way to the Annapurna Sanctuary

So impressed by your team. Sushan is super-well organized. Padam seems top notch. Looking forward to setting out tomorrow. Laundry drying and bags repacked, AGAIN!

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One World offers the classic treks on your dates

Trekking to Chomolhari Base Camp in Bhutan.

What do you get when you cross a classic Himalayan lodge trek with vacation time that doesn’t match up with fixed group dates?

Answer: no problem when you travel with One World Trekking!

One World Trekking, an adventure trekking company, offers the freedom to travel on your own dates for the same price as our group dates. We are an Aspen, Colorado based company specializing in small group, guided hiking trips.

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