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The Trans Bhutan Trail Coming in Spring 2022

Andy CrisconiFeatured Post, Himalayan Trekking Tours

Since 2022, One World Trekking has been offering you the opportunity to hike on Bhutan’s historic Trans Bhutan Trail. The Trans Bhutan Trail can be broken down into many short sections and your trip can be arranged around the exact dates you wish to trail during every month of the year. Bhutan is now open, so let’s go!

Here are 5 of our 2024 Trans Bhutan hiking and sightseeing options.

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Haa to Paro Hike: 4 days: On the Haa Valley to Paro section of the Trans-Bhutan Trail, you’ll hike for 2 days from the Haa Valley in the west to the town of Paro, covering 33 kilometers (20 miles).

Western and Central Bhutan Explorer: 9 days: Hike on the Trans Bhutan Trail while visiting Paro, Thimphu, Punakha and the Bumthang Valley. This is a very comprehensive trip highlighting all the great sites and monuments in western and central Bhutan.

The Divine Madman Trail: 15 days: Complete the Central Bhutan segment of the Trans-Bhutan Trail (The Divine Madman Trail). Trek for 11 days across Bhutan from Thimphu in the west to the town of Bumthang in Central Bhutan, covering 171 kilometers (106 miles).

Haa to Trongsa Traverse: 18 days: The western section of the Trans-Bhutan Trail crosses Bhutan for 15 days from the Haa Valley in the west to the town of Trongsa, covering 241 kilometers (150 miles).

The Complete Trans Bhutan Journey: 34 days: Challenge yourself to complete the Trans-Bhutan Trail in a single trip, as one of the world’s greatest walks. You’ll hike for 28 days across Bhutan from the Haa Valley in the west to the town of Trashigang in the east, covering 403 kilometers (250 miles). Along the journey you’ll pass countless historical and religious sites, traverse diverse climate zones, and enjoy a variety of culturally immersive experiences. Rest days are scheduled in Punakha and Bumthang.