Kingdom Of Mustang Trekking Trips

The Kingdom of Mustang was founded by Ame Pal, who set himself up as king of this Tibetan territory in 1380. The present raja of Mustang and his family can trace their ancestry directly back some 25 generations to Ame Pal. Some time around the year 1800 Mustang became a part of Nepal, but retained its status as a separate principality until as recently as the 1950’s when the area was more closely consolidated into Nepal. Because of its sensitive border location, on the north side of the Annapurna Massif, Mustang was inaccessible to foreign visitors until 1991, when the Nepalese Government opened up the whole of the country.

The upper (northern) part of Mustang remains a secluded and quite secretive Buddhist enclave, which previously prospered as a result of its strategic location on an important trade route between Nepal (and India) and Tibet, along the great natural highway of the Kali Gandaki Valley. Evidence of this former prosperity is the excellent stock trail that runs north to south through the territory, a trail that we follow on this great trek. Offering straightforward moderately strenuous trekking on good trails, and at relatively modest altitudes, a trek into Mustang is a fantastic introduction to the first-time trekker in Nepal or for the more experienced person looking for a unique trip.

The landscape is quite unlike anything that is to be found elsewhere in Nepal, with deep gorges and strangely sculptured rock formations, which are often brightly colored – yellow, red, orange, grey and blue. Set within this unusual landscape, each of the many painted villages and monasteries of Mustang appears to be more picturesque than the last – presenting unbelievable photographic opportunities. The cultural make up and recent history of the region is unique and fascinating and the local people, the “Lobas,” are friendly and hospitable.