Nepal’s Classic Treks and Epic Journeys

The history of adventure trekking in Nepal dates back to 1949, when Bill Tilman was first granted permission to explore the high valleys of this Himalayan kingdom. Spectacular mountain scenery, picturesque villages, friendly people and diverse culture, together with a network of superb trekking trails, are what makes Nepal so irresistible and keeps people coming back year after year. For 30 years, One World Trekking has been organizing and guiding a wide range of trekking adventures for all levels of interest and ability. We have decided to focus our Nepal program on the tried and true Classic Himalayan Trekking Journeys along with a sprinkling of Unique Himalayan Trekking Epics. Our goal is to provide you with well-priced, fully-supported quality trips that will keep you coming back to Nepal.