Top Ten Reasons for Joining a Small Group Trip with One World Trekking

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Trip Leader Peter Rudy shares the FORMULA FOR SUCCESS AND SAFETY.
As adventure travel reopens and our wanderlust life returns, we are focusing on Small Group Travel with a Western Leader. WHY? Quality and Safety. For each trip, the dates are set, we use a time-tested itinerary, experienced local support staff, private transportation and quality lodging. At OWT, we prefer to keep the group small and run it with an experienced Western Leader. BUT, lots of you that call have never thought of a small group trip.

Make new friends and share travel experiences with like-minded adventurers

So here we go, the top reasons why YOUR next trip should be on one of our small group adventures:

  1. These are NOT your fathers and mother’s group trips. Forget what you think you know about group travel. NO large groups, no getting on and off big tourist busses following a leader in a yellow vest and waiving a flag.
  2. Small is the key here. This is like traveling with 6 or 8 of your friends who REALLY want adventure! A cohesive group of likeminded adventurers. Couples, singles, fathers and sons, mothers and daughters, BFFs… You name it. Remember: just like when you travel with a bunch of friends, the group is there when you want company and you are free to hang alone when you want some “me” time.
  3. You can meet some new friends for life. You are there for the same reason. Just like you, your traveling partners will have their eyes full of amazement while visiting Buddhist temples and gazing up at Mount Everest.
  4. You will definitely meet travel adventurers that have not heard all your stories. (So says my wife!)
  5. Small groups provide MORE options. Get that herd of tourists picture out of your mind! You choose when you want to hang with the group or be on your own. I enjoy hiking on the trail by myself to focus on the amazing panoramic views, new smells and sounds of the local life. One of the best parts of each day is sitting around with the group during dinner and after sharing stories (new stories!) of our day’s experiences.
  6. And MORE opportunities. With a small group, you can always find someone to sit by the fire late at night and talk over a glass of wine, or take off into a local village or get up before dawn to watch the sunrise. Options!
  7. You will have tons in common. Trust me: your fellow travelers will have the same concerns as you: wanting some alone time, or not. You guys are there for the same reason: have fun and do something you have only dreamed about.
  8. You may wind up meeting your soul mate. I did. Twenty years ago, on a small group adventure trip, I met my wife to be at the base of Kilimanjaro. It was the love of adventure that brought both of us to Africa and the love of adventure that has kept us together.
  9. And even more Options! Since small groups have more local staff assisting, we can accommodate choices. At the end of the trek day, some may want to climb a small peak for sunset views, visit a nearby monastery or sit by a glacial stream (with a frosty Everest beer) and chill. Easy with a small group.
  10. A great way to Break-In to Adventure Travel. I took my first small group adventure travel trip 25 years ago – cycling in Bhutan. I wanted a small group to blend in – so to speak. I wound up having a blast. Each night was like a travelogue, hearing others firsthand experiences from their exploits traveling around the world. I can almost guarantee you will meet people that will open your eyes and enrich your life.