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The majority of our trips include all food and accommodation, and for these we suggest that $400 taken in traveler's checks and cash should adequately cover your needs. Of this, on average, $20 should be set aside for airport taxes and $80 to $100 for local staff tips, leaving $280 or so for incidentals such as soft drinks and souvenir hunting. If all meals are not included in the trip price, we will include an estimate of what you will need in the trip itinerary. Credit cards can normally be used for buying goods in the larger shops or for paying for food etc. in hotels, but not easily used for cash advances.


In order to ensure you quality and reliable service, we are working in association with Avia Travel, a service oriented travel specialist who can book all of your domestic and international flights to insure that you arrive at the correct city and date to meet your fellow trip members. For a no-obligation quote or additional information, please contact the One World Trekking or:

Sue Lai, Avia Travel

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