Nepal Moves Forward With New Airports

Andy CrisconiHimalayan Trekking Tours, Worldwide Hiking Tours

While Nepal slowly comes out of a second wave of Covid-19, the country moves forward with several new airport projects across the country. Once the Himalayan nation puts Covid behind them, the flock of adventure seekers is expected to be high for many years ahead.

The new Pokhara International Airport

In spring 2022, Nepal is planning on opening two new international airports to the world.

The Pokhara Regional International Airport in western Nepal is in its final phases of construction and will offer direct service to all tourists and trekkers looking to travel within the stunning Annapurna region and other destinations in western Nepal without having to travel through Kathmandu.

The construction of the Gautam Buddha International Airport is also in its final construction phase and test flights will commence after the summer monsoon season. Most of the physical infrastructure has been built and technical assistance from abroad has been hired to install radar tower equipment. This airport will offer direct service into southwestern Nepal for those visiting the sights in and around Lumbini.

By the fall of 2025, Nepal hopes to complete the construction of the Nijgadh International Airport in eastern Nepal just south of Kathmandu. This brand new facility is planned to be the 4th largest airport in South Asia and will become the new main hub for international travelers to Nepal. A high-speed rail will link the airport to Kathmandu.

The existing Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu is expected to be transformed into a boutique airport, reflecting Nepal’s unique and colorful culture. The government plans to construct additional taxiways, parking and modernize the current domestic side of the airport.

Finally, in 2022, all of Nepal’s rural domestic airports will be upgraded to include helipads for emergency health and disaster management services.