Fall 2021 Trips in Nepal – Safety and Hygiene Protocols

Andy CrisconiHimalayan Trekking Tours

As can be expected, there is no 100% way to guarantee that you won’t be exposed to or even come down with Covid during your visit to Nepal this fall. Our local office staff will do everything within their ability to reduce and minimize your exposure and still provide you an adventure of a lifetime!

Office Staff, Kathmandu Field Teams & Trekking Guides:

  1. All of our in-country office staff will be fully-vaccinated. Throughout your trip, all of our local staff will be wearing masks and carrying gloves and hand sanitizer. We can assure you that all our Nepal staff members will follow health and safety measures strictly throughout your trip to include wearing masks, gloves wear applicable, maintain social distancing and using hand sanitizer all the time.


  1. We are providing masks and gloves to all our staff involved with your in-country transportation.
  2. Staff members have been instructed to maintain physical / social distancing where possible.
  3. We are providing private vehicle transportation for transfers in Kathmandu and your vehicle will be cleaned and disinfected before and after each use with extra focus on the most highly touched areas.

Daily Routine on Trek:

  1. All of our guides will carry masks and hand sanitizer with them daily. Bottled hand sanitizer is readily available in Nepal.
  2. Face masks and hand sanitizer can be provided by our local office if needed.
  3. We will do our best to disinfect your bags carried by our porters on a daily basis.
  4. We can send a thermal temperature monitor to be used by trekkers and staff on a daily basis.
  5. If any group or staff member comes down with Covid-like symptoms, we will arrange for them to be transferred via helicopter back to a medical clinic in Kathmandu.


  1. While in Kathmandu or Pokhara, we will only be using pre-inspected hotels adhering to proper safety and hygiene protocols. Any group member traveling solo, and not wanting to share a hotel room, will be provided a single room at our base cost.
  2. The hotels we have pre-approved have shown us that they are following the proper safety and hygiene protocols to include the disinfecting of rooms between stays, providing clean linen and towels, daily disinfecting of all of the hotel’s public area and having hand sanitizer available throughout the hotel.
  3. In most of the lodges in the Everest/Khumbu region, many of these protocols are already in place but on each trek we will take extra hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes and liquids to use in our rooms and dining tables.
  4. We will try to keep social distancing while staying in the lodges to best of our ability.
  5. For our camping trips, all solo travelers will be provided a single tent.
  6. Our field teams in Kathmandu and your guide while on trek will make sure that all of our rooms and bathroom areas are being sanitized daily and fresh sheets are being provided daily in the lodges. to be used every day.

In-country medical facilities:

While the daily new cases of Covid continues to decline, Nepal does not have unlimited health facilities. In case of Covid-19 cases, we can bring any person showing symptoms to the nearest hospital for treatment. Designated hotels and lodges have already set up rooms for isolating / quarantining possible Covid cases.