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Our Love Affair with the World’s Greatest Trekking Destination

September 1988: Touch down at Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu, Nepal! Ok, here we go…our first organized group trip in Nepal and we picked a great one – the trek to the north and south base camps of Mount Kangchenjunga in eastern Nepal. After a spring and summer of making phone calls, writing letters, mailing out flyers and faxing our new agent in Nepal, we finally confirmed a rather eclectic group of fine individuals to join us on a month-long walk to the world’s third highest mountain.

Andy in Nepal on the Kangchenjunga Trek in 1988

It was a lot of work back then taking turns working on a DOS-based computer with no email or website. Our fax machine used rolls of thermal paper. We would fax Nepal during the day and welcomed at the office the following morning with their response in the form of 3 to 5 feet of paper stretched out across the floor. Wow, so cool to be communicating with people a half world away!

Time travel to the 21st century: Over the past 30+ years, we have created, organized and guided 100s of trips all across Nepal. While we think we do a rather amazing job arranging and preparing you for your adventure, none of what we do is possible without our partners in Nepal. One World Trekking and HimEx Nepal have a combined 70+ years experience in Nepal. HimEx Nepal is not only our Kathmandu-based agent, but our dear friends and extended family.

From the owners to the guides and further to their families, we all have a unique relationship that is apparent to anyone who has traveled with us to Nepal. This is our special Nepal Connection.

Ours is a working relationship built on friendship and a mutual love and respect for the welcoming people, rich culture and towering mountains of one of the world’s most diverse and scenically stunning countries.

Our contributions to enhance the lives and environments of the places we travel in Nepal, can never match the happiness, memories and lifelong relationships we continue to receive in return.


Andy Crisconi
One World Trekking
Owner, Question Answerer, Trip Consultant & Trekking Guide