Annapurna Luxury Lodge Trek in October 2021

Andy CrisconiHimalayan Trekking Tours

It’s time to Get Back Out & Experience Magical Nepal

October 1 to 10, 2021

Why would someone want to fly halfway around the world and hike the Annapurna Luxury Lodge Trek?

Beautiful scenery along the Annapurna Luxury Lodge Trek in Nepal

The obvious answer is that this trip is going to be great fun! That’s a given. Our Annapurna Luxury Lodge Trek offers you the opportunity to experience the extraordinary beauty of Nepal without sacrificing much in the way of safety and comfort while placing yourself in the capable hands of our most seasoned trip leader Peter Rudy.

On this trip you will experience the true wonders of Nepal and the Annapurna region – picturesque farming villages, lush forests, fertile foothills and valleys, friendly locals, rich and diverse culture and, of course, big-time mountain views.

All of the above is made even better when each night we stay in either a 5-star hotel or the 1st class Ker & Downey Luxury Lodges. This is how you explore Nepal in style! Our accommodation provide the highest level of service with amenities such as landscaped gardens for relaxing, comfortable dining and bar lounges, bedrooms with en suite western-style bathroom facilities and meals prepared from local sources by trained chefs.

This is why you travel across the International Date Line to join One World Trekking and Colorado trip leader Peter Rudy in Nepal for your Annapurna luxury trek of a lifetime!