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JUNE 09, 2017
“Moments are the Molecules of Eternity”

On December 2015, I committed to my then 10 year old son, that in 2017 we would both stand on Everest Base Camp in the Khumbu Himal of Nepal.

This was influenced by the passing of my grandfather, a man who I loved and admire greatly. A man who in many ways climbed Mt. Everest more than once. His death, sunk deep into my heart the reality that “moments are the molecules of eternity”, and ever since a desire to live every moment with those close to me.
Extraordinary things do require hard work. It took us almost a month of trekking and climbing to finally live our dream. What we experienced cannot be described. Videos and photos do not give it justice. There are so many things we learned on this trip.

These are embedded in the following two quotes:

“We often forget that it is sweat and toil towards meaningful pursuits that makes us truly alive. So let us remember that nothing keeps motivation aflame more than hard work and the resulting momentum and fulfillment. To continue our efforts towards our ambitions despite fatigue and distraction and hardship – this is the mark of the truly motivated.”

“Our life and legend hinge on our ability to keep marching on, to keep fighting our will over the long term. Just one more heavy step toward our dreams often awakens the desire to follow with another. And so the answer becomes clear when people ask, “What is the ultimate secret to life-long motivation?” Continuing on – no matter what.”

I hope you don’t mind me sharing the video of our summiting to almost 19,000 feet elevation for a sunrise we shall never forget and very few would experience in their life time. The second video is long, and was made for our family. But you can scan it and see some of the views we experienced during our journey in the Khumbu Himal region.

We’re making our way home this weekend.

Your friend,

Jose Aponte
YouTube videos:

Sunrise on Kala Pattar (4 mins.):

Everest Base Camp Trek in pictures and music (8 mins):

A Father & Son journey to Everest (1h 4min):