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The 5,000 meter adventure to Everest Base Camp & Kala Pattar

The beautiful sight of Mount Everest in Nepal.The trek to Mount Everest Base Camp and Kala Pattar is one for all fit and avid hikers.

Designed to fulfill the dream of many adventure-seekers, our lodge trek to Everest Base Camp takes us along the historic route to the foot of the world’s highest mountain! After a slow ascent through picturesque Sherpa villages, visiting Buddhist monasteries and enjoying the spectacular scenery, this lodge based trip culminates with the opportunities to hike to both Everest Base Camp (17,500 feet) and up the nearby peak of Kala Pattar (18,200 feet) for spectacular views of the mighty Mount Everest.

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Adventure Travel requires the need to pack your patience

Cycling across Tibet in 1995.

Once you step out the front door the adventure begins

Leaving home for the airport, every traveler starts thinking about what they forgot to pack. It’s human nature, right? Departing for a multiple-week trek into South Asia’s Himalayas, it’s not always easy to pick up a replacement article of clothing or other travel necessity you left sitting on the kitchen table, but somehow you’ll get by. Even we meticulous list makers will forget at least one important item.

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The Road to Manang

Looking down on the beautiful valley of Manang.

Despite the new road reaching Manang Village, the Annapurna region remains one of the most beautiful in the world

After decades of debate, the remote trans-Himalayan district of Manang is now connected by a jeep road. The main impact on the trekking industry in this spectacular region, is there is now regular jeep service and it looks like Manang will prosper from the connectivity.

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Ghorepani & Poon Hill Trek

The beautiful Ghorepani region of Nepal.

Quite simply, the best short lodge trek in Nepal

The Ghorepani & Poon Hill lodge trek is one of the most beautiful trails in Nepal. The rivers, forests and mountains blend perfectly with the surrounding farming villages and colorful local making for a fantastic short hiking experience.

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Random thoughts on Annapurna Base Camp in Nepal

Trekking in the Annapurna Range of Nepal.

Annapurna Sanctuary - A destination worthy of the effort

As spontaneously as the plan was made, the plane tickets were bought and bags were packed. A trek in Nepal is on every hiker’s wish list and the walk into the beautiful Annapurna Sanctuary to Annapurna Base Camp is a worthwhile and stunning objective.

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The Nepal Experience

The beautiful Annapurna mountains in Nepal.

Nepal offers a world of experience and adventure

When traveling to Nepal you expect one country, but what you get are several rolled up in one. First there’s the classic Nepal, the Himalayan world people imagine, the one that draws over 800,000 tourists each year and looks great on postcards.

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Dogs Have Their Day in Nepal

Mom and pups on the Annapurna Trail in Nepal.

On November 9, Nepal celebrates man's best friend!

On November 9, every dog in Nepal will have its day thanks to Kukur Tihar, an entire day dedicated to celebrating dogs for their loyalty and friendship. It’s part of a five-day Hindu festival honoring the time-tested bonds between humans and certain other living things, such as dogs, crows, cows, oxen, and siblings.

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Trekking with yaks in Nepal's high country

Trekking with yaks in Nepal.

Sharing the trekking trails with Nepal's famous, shaggy residents

When trekking above 12,000 feet in Nepal, you have officially entered yak country. These huge, shaggy animals are the kings of high altitude.

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Tips for a first time trekker in Nepal

Tips for a first time trekker in NepalThinking of finally going on your first trekking trip? Here is some food for thought!

Being able to boast about completing a trek in the shadow of the world’s tallest mountains is enough motivation for any avid hiker. You don’t need to be an experienced hiker or seasoned world traveler. If you are in good shape, love to walk, have an open mind to different cultures and sense of adventure, you can make this dream a reality!

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See Mount Everest without the high altitudes

View towards Mount Everest in Nepal.The Khumbu Explorer Trek in Nepal

Do you want to hike in the Khumbu region, visit Sherpa villages and get up close and personal with Mount Everest without trekking to the high altitudes required by a visit to the Base Camp? Ok, we have an option for you!

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Need a vacation? Go trekking in Nepal!

The best way to help Nepal is to go trekking.If you love Nepal, Go Trekking!

Nepal is begging international visitors to return this fall after a devastating earthquake on April 25 and hundreds of subsequent aftershocks. The people of Nepal know that tourism must rebound as quickly as possible in order to minimize the economic damage of the earthquake and help people begin working again. If tourism doesn’t return to previous levels, the impact of the earthquake will continue to echo for decades to come.

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Trekking in Nepal - Is it gluten-free friendly?

Gluten-free trekking in NepalA lodge trek in Nepal can cater to your gluten-free diet.

Recent research suggests that 10% to 15% of the population suffers from some form of intolerance to gluten and its many symptoms. Switching to a gluten-free diet can initially prove frustrating but, with some creativity and the increase of the number of gluten-free foods now available, you can enjoy a healthy and balanced diet.

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Three Passes of Mount Everest Trek in Nepal

View towards Mount Everest in Nepal.The Ultimate Trek to visit Everest Base Camp

Trek to Mount Everest Base Camp - The Hard Way!
For any avid hiker with a high level of fitness, sense of adventure and 22 days to devote to trekking to Everest Base Camp, there is no finer trek than our Three Passes of Everest Trek. Our Three Passes trip travels above Namche Bazaar and, with our special permits, we enter a remote which leads to the high Renjo La Pass used by Tibetan traders. We cross the Renjo La to reach the sacred lakes of Gokyo, the Cho La to reach Everest Base Camp and finally the Kongma La for extra special views of Makalu, Island Peak and the incredible south face of Lhotse. This trek is a camping only trip.


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Trekking in Nepal: Some good things to know before you go!


Helpful tips for planning your trek in Nepal

1. Planned contingency days
Whether planning your own trek or arranging a trip through a tour operator, please be sure to schedule in 2 to 3 contingency days. The internal flights to Lukla, Jomsom, Pokhara, Taplejung and other areas in Nepal can and will get delayed and cancelled. The last thing you need is to miss your international connection out of Kathmandu! By including a few extra days to your trip will guarantee some piece of mind and some down time before the long-haul flight back home. One big advantage of working through a tour operator is that they (on your behalf) can facilitate a booking on the next available flight back to Kathmandu. Remember: if your flight is cancelled on one day you don’t get priority the next day. The people with tickets for that day do.

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Himalayan Dog Chews

Himalayan Dog Chews.Tasty Nuggets Made of Yak and Cow Milk

Himalayan Dog Chew makes a variety of chews and treats for dogs made of yak and cow milk. The idea was inspired by an ancient recipe for a hard cheese snack chewed by the people of the Himalayas. They convert yak and cow milk into a hard cheese. Now the people at Himalayan Dog Chew are applying that method at their farm in Washington State. All the treats are 100% natural without any preservatives or additives. Plus, it takes a long time for your dog to work though, so each Himalayan Dog Chew treat makes for "high-quality eating entertainment."

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On a Himalayan journey to Mount Everest. Struggle with a smile!

All smiles even when huffing and puffing at 18,200 feetOn a Himalayan journey to Mount Everest. Struggle with a smile!

Yes, we all know that Mount Everest is the tallest mountain in the world, but many people are quite shocked at just how massive this piece of rock really is.

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Gokyo Lakes to Mount Everest Base Camp Trek

Views towards Everest Base Camp in Nepal.A different way to Mount Everest Base Camp

From the Sherpa Capital of Namche Bazaar, this exciting trek deviates from the classic trail to Everest Base Camp, crosses the adventurous Renjo La Pass and descends into the spectacular lake filled Gokyo Valley. After an exploration day at Gokyo, we cross the snow covered Cho La Pass to Lobuche and continue on the classic route to Everest Base Camp. With two high pass crossings and longer hiking days, this alternative route to visit Everest Base Camp will provide a challenge to avid hikers looking to avoid the main crowds and visit Gokyo, one of the most stunning valleys in the Khumb region. We are able to offer this trek for groups of 1 to 12 people either as a camping trip or staying in local mountain lodges.


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Nepal issues postage stamp to commemorate the Tenzing Hillary Everest Marathon

Postage stamp commemorates the Tenzing Hillary Everest Marathon.On December 19, 2014, Minister of Communication, Dr. Mirendra Rijal, released Nepal's newest postal stamp to commemorate the Tenzing Hillary Everest Marathon.

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That Khumbu Magic

magical-khumbu-nepalIs the trail to Mount Everest crowded? Sometimes it just depends on how you look at it.

Based on the fact that 3,000 individuals attempted to scale Mount Everest in spring 2012 (almost 400 actually summited), the logical conclusion would be that the trek to Everest Base Camp must be overly crowded, commercialized and lacking in charm.

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Solar Cookers in Nepal's Annapurna region

A solar cooker in a rural village in the Annapurna region of Nepal.Rural villages in Nepal's Annapurna region going green

In Nepal's Annapurna region, shiny reflectors from solar kettle cook stoves are slowly replacing the smoky yak-dung fires and wood-fueled potbelly stoves so commonly seen across the rural Himalayas. These solar cookers are now used by about 12 percent of the high-altitude mountain population and stand side by side with prehistoric tools such as yak-pulled plows and hand looms. Solar cookers work well in the drier climes of the upper Annapurna and Mustang regions and the Nepal government encourages their use by subsidizing half of the cost of each solar cooker. A win-win for the inhabitants of Nepal's rural villages and the country's beautiful forests.

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