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Managing Director, Adventure Travel Consultant and Trekking Tour Leader

In 1988, Andy set out with friend and soon to be business partner Mark Van Alstine on his first exploratory trips into the Karakoram Range of Northern Pakistan. For the next 29 years, Andy has been creating, organizing and guiding trekking journeys throughout the Himalayas. Andy lives near Aspen, Colorado where he operates One World Trekking.

Ladakh: Summer Glory in the Indian Himalayas

The Leh Valley is a land of great Buddhist monasteries.Ladakh, India is one of the few regions for a summer Himalayan trek!

Leh, the capital of Ladakh in northern India, is a one hour flight from Delhi. For the more adventurous, and for those who don't suffer from motion sickness, you can opt a bone-jarring 22 hour plus bus ride. Ladakh is a land of high mountain passes, Buddhist monasteries, spectacular pastel colored deserts, jagged peaks and colorful prayer flags flapping in the wind.

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Cycling Across Tibet - A Look Back

A local bike shop in Lhasa, Tibet.The Ride of My Life: A look back at a 1997 bike ride across Tibet!

“He’s going to kill himself.” This was my thought as our Nepalese bike guide, Shyam Shah, carried his 40 pound mountain bike up the steep stairway leading to Swyambhunath (the Monkey Temple) in Kathmandu for the third time. The first two times? He crashed end over end halfway down the 365 concrete steps. Shyam was a fearless 19 year old and the current mountain bike champion of Nepal. He was known throughout Kathmandu for his ability to ride down anything and he was determined to prove it one more time. Once at the top of the stairway, he gave a thumbs-up and proceeded to race down, bike bouncing up and down seemingly uncontrollably with his hands nowhere near the brakes. A crowd had gathered at this point as Shyam landed safely at the bottom to where I was standing wearing a huge smile. “Ready for Tibet?”, I asked. “Yes Andy”, he replied.

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Who are the Sherpa people of Nepal?

Sherpa women (Sherpanis) harvesting wheat in Nepal.Who are the famous Sherpa people of Nepal's Everest region?

The April 18, 2014 deaths of 16 Nepalese guides in an avalanche on Mount Everest has increased global awareness of the region's close knit Sherpa community and the risks some of these individuals take when helping foreign climbers ascend the world's tallest peaks.

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The Tibetan Wheel of Life

The Tibetan Wheel of Life.The Wheel of Life mandala

The Wheel of Life is a symbolic representation of samsara (or cycle of existence) found on the outside walls of Tibetan Buddhist temples and monasteries in the Himalayas. In the Mahayana Buddhist tradition, it is believed that the drawing was designed by the Buddha himself in order to help ordinary people understand the Buddhist teachings. The wheel of life is also translated as wheel of existence or wheel of becoming.

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The Himalayan Cliff Honey Bee

Beekeeper in the Annapurna region of Nepal.Climate Change is effecting the Himalayan Cliff Honey Bee (Apis Laboriosa)

The Himalayan Cliff Honey Bee (Apis Laboriosa) is known for its ingenuity in making its colonies in places where humans and predators do not have easy access.

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Adventure tours taking over the travel industry

Nepal's beautiful Annapurna Range.Adventure Travel Tours on the Rise Since 2001

Adventure tourism has over the years evolved from a tiny niche market to become one of the nerve centers of growth and development within the world's travel industry.

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Question: What’s the Sherpa people’s cultural connection to climbing?

Sherpa trekking crew in NepalQ & A with climbing guide Pemba Gyalje Sherpa.

Question: What’s the Sherpa people’s cultural connection to climbing?

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The Yeti may have lived in the Indian Himalayas

The Yeti in the HimalayasStill more "proof" that the Yeti is for real!

A veteran broadcaster has claimed that a Yeti-like creature once lived in the northern Indian Himalayan Mountains.

Sir David Attenborough strongly believes that fossil evidence found in the 1930s proves that a 10 to 12 foot tall animal lived in the region near Kashmir, the Daily Star reported.

The 87-year-old is convinced that the Abominable Snowman may be real, as a fossil with huge molars that are four of five times the size of human molars has been discovered.

Sir David said that the Indian Himalayan forests, which cover over 14,000 square miles, could easily contain a Yeti. He further added that if there are some still alive and you walked near their habitat you can bet that these creatures may be aware of you, but you wouldn't be aware of them.

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Five tips on managing money while traveling

Prepare a budget before taking that adventure vacationFive tips to help ease the financial stress of travel

Travel can sometimes be stressful when it comes to finances. Here are 5 hopefully useful financial tips to help ease the burden on your wallet and mind, so you can relax and enjoy your travel adventure.

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Himalayan Travel Tips: Surviving that Long Haul Flight to Asia

Take care of yourself on that long flight to AsiaHimalayan Travel Tips: Surviving that long flight to Asia

As most of us already know from past experience, preparing for an overseas vacation can be rather stressful before we even step foot on a plane. Wrapping up work commitments, packing, remembering passports, travel money and tickets, traveling to the airport, queuing up for check in, going through security screening - not to mention dealing with long layovers and unexpected flight delays - can all leave us feeling exhausted before we even get to our final destination.

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Himalayan Travel Tips: Pack a tube of Shoe Goo

Take some Shoe Goo for on the go repairsShoe Goo: a must have for on-the-go repairs while on trek

For those of you heading out on an extended trek or bike tour, we always recommend packing a tube of Shoe Goo. A tube of this magical sticky stuff is not only great for repairing hiking boots but, being both flexible and waterproof, it is also invaluable for fixing a torn tent, patching a hole in your rain jacket and pants and filling a puncture in your inflatable sleeping mattress. If your duffle bag gets torn by a not-so-careful airline baggage handler or while being carried by a porter or yak in Nepal, you can use Shoe Goo to patch the hole and insure that it remains waterproof. Shoe Goo is a “do it all” magical substance to keep damaged gear usable while on trek.

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